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Cloud Building

Reduce Storage Costs

SanApptX is an intelligent platform that transforms commodity hardware into powerful scale-out building blocks. This allows you to quickly deploy a virtual storage environment using building blocks pre-configured for high IO with solid state disk or for capacity with hard disk drives.

Scale-out Elasticity

SanApptX virtualization or storage-centric building block appliances stitch together to build an intelligent virtual datacenter that can be expanded with the addition of appliances. Because the infrastructure is defined by software, you can create and reconfigure virtual computing environments at will. No migrations or reconfigurations.

Designed with Virtualization in Mind

SanApptX is the ideal platform on which to base large-scale virtualization, private and hybrid cloud deployments. SanApptX creates a software-defined datacenter that lets you deploy applications, provision VMs, and reconfigure the infrastructure in minutes, without changing the underlying hardware.

Creating a Cloud

The goal of the “cloud” is to provide an agile, reconfigurable environment that can provision storage and computing resources on-demand to meet changing needs. The key to this flexibility lies with the architecture itself. Traditional datacenters are limited by a reliance on static storage installations and a rigid networking infrastructure. In order to overcome these limitations, a new approach to datacenter architecture is needed.