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Desktop as a Service

Safer, Faster, and More Cost-effective

Today's forward-thinking businesses are realizing the value of a cloud hosting provider. As the next step in IT outsourcing, hosted desktop providers save you money while taking the hassle out of maintaining an office computer network.

Increased Security

Hosted virtual desktop providers can offer a level of security and reliability that just can’t be guaranteed with an on-site server. Cloud My Office boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, an uptime enjoyed by all our clients. We also back up your data in real time and even offer offsite backup — to prevent the unexpected loss of vital information.

Increased Performance

By moving all your data and applications to the cloud, you'll enjoy faster performance of your computers. Not only that, virtual desktop providers such as CloudPlus allow you to maximize your existing technology. Rather than having to continually upgrade your computers as your office grows or technology advances, cloud computing solutions are completely elastic, easily accommodating growth. The team at CorePlus can configure a virtual desktop infrastructure that meets the exact needs of your business.

Working Remotely

Cloud hosting providers give your team the option of working remotely. Whether you have salespeople in the field, multiple locations or staff who telecommute, CorePlus makes it easy to maintain data integrity across several locations — regardless of where you are in the world or whether you're on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. With Cloud My Office, all you need is an internet connection to access your files and applications.