Benefits of Veeam Backup And Replication Services in Dallas

A catastrophic event equates to the loss of data (sometimes permanently) and downtime. Whether it is a hardware or system malfunction, natural disaster or cyber-security breach, these events come at a huge cost financially. Backup and disaster recovery planning is imperative for the protection of your company’s assets. As a Veeam ProPartner, Sanapptx often uses Veeam Backup and replication (based on a company’s needs) to store data securely and provide versatile backup options to be used in the case of a triggering event.

Veeam Backup and Replication is built for virtual environments and uses an image-based approach for VM backups. This produces a complete copy of a VM including its settings, OS, applications, data etc. This then acts as the source of data for backup.

Such backups are then compressed and duplicated to be stored in Veeam’s backup repository on Sanapptx’ Storage. Our team is then able to restore VMs, VM files and drives, application items and guest OS files to the most recent (or available) restore point. Our engineers are highly trained with Veeam and prepared to act accordingly if there is an event that triggers the need for backups.

You get:

  • Digital transformation agility (cross cloud migration/management)
  • Business continuity (recovery of data quickly if not instantly)
  • Visibility and analytics (operational performance/data management)
  • Support engineers (trained and available)

You are putting company at risk if you don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan. As your IT Solutions Team, we pride ourselves in making sure you don’t fall victim to downtime and data loss.

To learn more about Sanapptx backup and replication offerings, contact our team at 214-431-4137.

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