Secure Cloud Storage

Are you looking for dependable, secure cloud storage? What about storage that can be tailored to your individual requirements and can be altered as your requirements change? If you want storage that’s responsive and flexible enough to keep up with your operational needs, no matter how challenging they may be, our company offers the perfect solution. We provide a range of proven, reliable cloud-based storage options, enabling businesses of different sizes, priorities and industries, to enjoy a service that’s custom tailored for that business.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

Although many companies still struggle with traditional storage methods, cloud storage offers a number of significant advantages: one of the most important is that you can save money on your storage – you only pay for what you use and the amount of storage can be easily increased or reduced to keep pace with your operational needs. When you decide to adopt cloud storage, it will be ready for use within a few days – no delay, no downtime for a prolonged period; once your storage is up and running, back-up occurs every fifteen seconds. Should the worst case scenario ever occur, your information can easily be recovered.

Citrix XenServer - Virtualization Solution

Private Cloud Storage

Are you concerned that purchasing storage could lead to the acquisition of a depreciating asset? If you are, you’re not alone. Recent figures indicate that the price of storage is going down as time passes. What started off as innovative (and therefore expensive) technology, is now a run-of-the-mill product. This presents a problem if you’re considering investing in physical servers, as it could be the case that they end up costing more over their lifetime than if you had invested in a regularly renewed cloud contract. In addition, should anything go wrong with your servers, you then need to factor in the costs of repair and maintenance. When you use Sanapptx Secure Cloud Storage for your company’s data storage, we take care of everything – all you need to do is pay for the storage you use. Simple.

Enterprise Cloud Storage

Enterprise Cloud Storage

Your company gets reap from an exceptionally high level of security – we constantly monitor our clients and update our security measures as we continually innovate the security industry. If it’s been a while since your entire infrastructure has been checked for security weaknesses, why not let us complete a vulnerability assessment to see if further improvements are required? Our aim is to ensure that you end up with data that’s safely stored and inaccessible to any unauthorized parties.

A Great Solution for Your Cloud Storage

Our goal is to offer every company a tailor-made answer to their cloud storage requirements. Fast, high-grade storage that’s safe, backed up and competitively priced enables every company we work with to achieve their operational objectives. To find out more about what we can offer, or to tell us what type of cloud storage would work for you, call us at (214) 871-7728.