Data Storage

Safely Store Your Data in the Cloud!

Traditionally, IT departments had no choice but to acquire enough data storage to meet their estimated organizational needs for 6-12 months in advance; a practice that tied up valuable capital for lengthy periods. Many organizations spend more than necessary on data storage infrastructure and associated costs. In most cases, this expenditure doesn’t really solve the most pressing data-related problems.  That equals tied up capital, in a depreciating asset, and initially over-provisioned storage technology with no way to estimate accurately. It also creates problems when different departments need to rapidly add or remove data storage.

What should you be looking for in cloud storage for your business?

  • Lower storage costs: You can eliminate the use of precious capital being used on a depreciating asset like storage. You only have to pay for the storage that your company needs and uses. Not to mention that Sanapptx℠ Storage is price competitive across the board.
  • Industry savings: Since storage costs are reducing in price every year, your rates should adjust annually; therefore, industry savings are passed along to you.
  • Rapid deployment: Your company’s new cloud storage will be implemented immediately once the initial set-up is applied. It will not take weeks or months before you can confidently partake in your new cloud storage. You will also receive ongoing incremental updates occurring overnight.
  • Scalability: Recent advances in technology mean that cloud storage is the only way to go. Sanapptx℠ Storage provides secure, accessible storage from within one of our 18 data centers.
  • Efficient backups: There is no need for any purchases of hardware or back-up software anymore. We provide constant back-up service for your business every 15 seconds. If your internal infrastructure were to go down, we can guarantee data storage back-up of within 15 seconds of the occurrence.

Sanapptx Data Storage can help you:

  • Cut your data storage costs by eliminating hardware and IT costs.
  • Increase your operational efficiency with no downtime.
  • Improve your organization’s agility as the storage can be access from anywhere.
  • Converge servers, storage and networking.
  • Provide your business cold data and image archiving with a cost effective price per TB and dense enclosure options.

Sanapptx℠ Storage leverages the ZFS file system and are optimized for use in 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring open, low cost and a high performance storage solution. It also offers dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, replication and archiving features that cannot be easily replicated by other providers. It supports unlimited snapshots, snapshot mirroring (replication), block level mirroring, integrated search features and easy management of extremely large storage pools.

Our solutions are not only great for NAS but also make for a good teammate with Server Virtualization. With Sanapptx℠ Storage you can virtualize underlying storage in order to provide high performance, low cost and vendor independent enterprise storage to virtualized environments such as: Citrix / Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and more. Almost any underlying storage can be managed and presented to virtual servers via NFS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel. We will not only set everything up hassle free, but manage it as well. We are on call for your every need 24/7 365.

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