Sanapptx Infrastructure Consulting

Our in-house architects, engineers and professional technicians are all trained and knowledgeable in a broad set of hardware, software and applications. We actually do all of the heavy lifting for our customers by assessing the current infrastructure of the business and then deliver a detailed analysis of what improvements can be made to cut costs and improve workflow, productivity and ROI. We also physically purchase the hardware, software and applications for you. Lastly, we implement the hardware, software and applications, manage and maintain the assets, and train whomever needs to know how to utilize the assets with effectiveness.

Sanapptx offers a broad set of global compute, storage, Exchange, SQL, Oracle application, and deployment services that help your organization move faster and lower IT costs.

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How Sanapptx Infrastructure Consulting benefits your business:

  • Sanapptx provides your business with a FREE initial analysis and consultation to get to know your existing infrastructure.
  • Sanapptx offers suggestions on new technologies, updates and/or recommended upgrades to your company’s infrastructure.
  • We will implement any CPU’s, RAM, Hard-Drives or any other physical hardware necessary.
Citrix XenServer - Virtualization Solution
Enterprise Cloud Storage

We utilize a simple approach that allows us to provision your infrastructure within days. We also make agreements with all of our customers and provide the same reliable offers:

  • Pay as you go: You will pay for the resources you use with no long-term contracts or upfront commitment.
  • Flexible: You can choose your operating system, memory, and CPU — we will deploy for you.
  • Scalable: You can have your own infrastructure, which can be provisioned and scaled according to your needs.