Important as Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

Do you have data, applications and other business information that need to be handled securely so no one penetrates your network and gets ahold of sensitive information? A security breach is defined by Techopeida as “any incident that results in unauthorized access of data, applications, services, networks and/or devices by bypassing their underlying security mechanisms.” The cost of such a breach in 2018 was highest in the United States of any country and globally averaged $3.86 million (Forbes, Niall McCarthy).

It has become integral that you prioritize the protection of your data. At Sanapptx, we offer dependable and highly functional cloud-based storage options to keep your business running efficiently regardless of its size or industry. Data is encrypted using AES with 256-bit encryption and our cloud backup services use ZFS Cryptographic Framework which gives it highly secure data encryption. Sanapptx can help you reap the benefits of cloud storage solutions for small to medium-sized business and remove the risk of having your data compromised.

Advantages Over Traditional Storage

Cloud storage provides a number of significant benefits over traditional storage methods. One of the most important advantages is cost savings. You only have to pay for the storage capacity you use, and can increase or decrease the storage based on your current operational requirements. Cloud storages provides streamlined backups and replication based on your needs and also allows for a backup and disaster recovery plan to be put in place. If you find yourself in a “worst-case” scenario, you need the peace of mind that your cloud storage solution is intact and impenetrable from outside sources.

Cost Effective Cloud Storage

As time has progressed, the cost of storage has dropped and is much less expensive than investing in physical equipment on-prem and performing routine maintenance. With Sanapptx cloud storage you are paying based on Data usage and maintenance of equipment is Sanapptx’ responsibility.

For more information on secure cloud storage solutions for your business, contact us today.

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