Internet & Voice Services for a Comprehensive Business Communication Solution

At Sanapptx, we provide comprehensive and cohesive solutions for Internet & Voice that offer the highest quality, best performance, and optimal agility, at a competitive price to meet your unique business needs. These solutions allow you to get cost savings and operational efficiency to operate at a high level and also grow your business.

We know the importance of business continuity and that is one reason internet bandwidth / backup internet is a priority. Without internet, most applications become obsolete until once again connected. This is not to mention the user inefficiency that also occurs when internet drops. We also know the phone system plays a vital role in company health. From call-routing, to user modifications, customer service and other business activities like placing orders, vendor management, internal communication etc. all rely on a consistent Voice service.

Internet (ISP) Service

At Sanapptx, we provide comprehensive Internet solutions through coaxial, copper, and fiber technology, DSL and wireless. Our services provide customized performance, availability, connectivity, bandwidth and pricing requirements as multiple networking technologies are engineered through Internet Service Providers.

With a decrease in the cost of Internet connectivity, our team at Sanapptx can serve as your consultant to help you plan for bandwidth upgrades and lower cost.

Business Phone Service

As your business phone telecommunication service provider, we offer on premise, hosted, and hybrid (gateway) solutions tailored to your specific business requirements across the nation.


Through the use of our personalized network optimization and Internet redundancy services, we optimize today’s voice and cloud-based applications on your behalf.

Our voice services are enabled as an application over the Internet. It is a fast-growing technology with significant growth rates of 30-40% expected over the next several years. It is a reliable technology that increases savings as it is very cost-effective.

Our vision for Internet & Voice services at Sanapptx is to help small, medium, and enterprise businesses with the implementation of strategic and effective technology solutions that promote a successful workflow, enhance efficiency, increase cost savings, and create powerful partnerships for long-term

At Sanapptx, we offer our customers a complementary comprehensive consultation and vulnerability assessment to develop an understanding of your network and any potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities it possesses. From this assessment, we can provide you with recommendations to help improve your day-to-day business operations and minimize specific painpoints you are facing. We work to ensure your technology solution keeps your assets protected and enhances the overall efficiency of your systems in a cost-effective manner.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your Internet & Voice service needs.

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