Unified Communication System

  • Lower Cost

  • Increased Reliability

  • Simplified Management

  • Increased Productivity

  • Business Continuity

Sanapptx’ unified solutions for Internet and Voice services are provisioned as an integrated solution that procures the best price, highest quality, agility and performance based on your company’s requirements.

Having a complete, unified solution for Intenet and Voice with management, monitoring and changes built in creates operational efficiency and cost savings.

Maintaining business as usual is mandatory and adequate internet bandwidth, backup internet, correct call-routing for phones and user modifications can become everyday pain-points if not handled correctly.

ISP Provider

Internet (ISP)

Sanapptx provides all Internet options through – Wi-Fi, wireless, and satellite technology and tethered Internet access through copper, coaxial and fiber technology. Multiple networking technologies are engineered  through Internet providers to customize connectivity, availability, performance and pricing requirements.

As the cost of Internet connectivity continues to drop, Sanapptx can consult on your behalf to minimize cost, plan for bandwidth upgrades and help get you out of long-term contracts.

Telecommunication/Biz Phones

Sanapptx offers hosted, on-premise and hybrid (gateway) solutions catered to you business needs in Dallas and across the country.

VOIP service


Sanapptx optimizes today’s voice and cloud based applications through internet redundancy and our personalized network optimization services in Dallas.

Enabling voice services as an application that is delivered over the Internet is now the standard configuration for voice and the fasted growing voice technology with an expected growth rate of 30 to 40 % over the next 5 years. The technology is proven, safe and reliable and adds productivity value and maintenance savings to new and existing business operations.