Why A Network Security Vulnerability Assessment is a Necessity

At Sanapptx, we work with a variety of different sized companies in numerous verticals. However, there is one commonality across each company and that is the dire need for a secure network and systems to protect their data.

Unfortunately, simply having an in-house IT team or a Managed Services Provider doesn’t guarantee you protection from cyber-security breaches, malware and other Ransomware. Even the smallest issue in an application or the wrong click by an employee can be a severe security risk leaving your system open for hackers.

Receiving a network security vulnerability assessment does nothing but benefit you. It raises awareness of potential risks and gives you recommendations (and assistance if wanted) on how to remediate the issues.

The alternative could be as severe as data loss and down time which ultimately leads to loss of profit.

Ensure Industry Compliance

In many industries, processing payment information or holding personal data requires specific network security measures that follow PCI or HIPAA compliance. By completing a network security vulnerability assessment, you identify any gaps so data is secure and you don’t face the severe penalty of compromised information.

Understand Areas of Risk and Vulnerability

Non-secure storage of data whether in-house, through VPN servers, in cloud-based storage or even external hard drives can all create potential areas of risk. As networks and systems grow, security is not always a priority. Even endpoints such as personal phones or tablets used to connect to your network by employees and management can all create security risks for the network as well.

This is a reminder that all it takes is one rogue e-mail, to compromise a whole network. Don’t leave yourself open to that risk. A network security vulnerability assessment guides you through steps to protect yourself and your company’s assets.

For more information on how our network security assessment can help your company, call us at 214-431-4137.

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