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Having an IT partner to work with to increase security, scalability, and employee location mobility is integral for a business to grow. With increasing malware and global hacking, company data must be stored securely without limiting authorized access for users and backup and disaster recovery services are a necessity.

Let us combat cyberattacks, disasters, and worst-case scenarios that can easily impact your company’s ability to operate and generate revenue. Sanapptx provides stringent cybersecurity services to protect the network, infrastructure, and data for businesses of all sizes.

As technology becomes more complex, outsourcing IT services creates an economical way to ensure your company infrastructure is well maintained, secure, and efficient while meeting business compliance standards.

Security measures to protect company data and assets

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Managed IT Services

  • IT Essentials
  • Consulting / Virtual CIO
  • Patch Management
  • Project Management
  • Endpoint Management
  • Help Desk
Cloud Security Service Dallas


  • Hosting
  • Open Compute Project OCP
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Management
  • Consolidation & Virtualization
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IT Security

  • Security as a Service
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing

A secure managed IT solutions company providing state of the art cloud storage with highly encrypted cloud and managed IT services.

Sanapptx’ mission is to partner with businesses and help implement the most efficient, cost-effective technological strategies, in the effort to create synergy and constant secure workflow throughout the organization. LEARN MORE

Managed IT Support Services based in Dallas

The pandemic has forced companies to cut costs wherever possible. This has forced small to medium-sized businesses to outsource IT now more than ever to stay competitive in their market share. A full-time IT staff has high overhead and can’t truly cover 24/7/365. With the increase in work-from-home staff, majority of support is already remote which makes the transition to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) a “no-brainer.”

As a leader among managed IT service providers, Sanapptx’ partners with local Dallas companies and many national ones to implement efficient, cost-effective technology strategies. Technology must be chosen based on business goals and growth plans otherwise what is put in place may not support a company’s infrastructure 6 months or 2 years down the line.


Sanapptx Partners – Cisco - Technology company
Sanapptx Partners – Merak
Sanapptx Partners – Vmware, Inc.
Sanapptx Partners – Autotask PSA
Sanapptx Partners - Dell
Sanapptx Partners – Veeam - Software company

We have developed a strong relationship with Sanapptx over the past seven years. Over the years and expansion, we have relied heavily on the advice and expertise of Sanapptx for all our IT solutions, including but not limited to: cloud support, security, network and ISP. What sets Sanapptx apart from other companies is: technology will fail or break; however, Sanapptx is proactively prepared to resolve these issues and recommend solutions to mitigate these issues from happening again.

Sanapptx Partners – Fieldhouse USA
Adam Bishop COO

Our business was in great need of a partner who could take our data technology to the next level. As a budget-constrained Professional Services provider in a heavily regulated Financial Industry, ITWorks365’s knowledge and expertise has enabled our business to achieve an enterprise class IT infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost presented by other vendors. Additionally, they have reduced our IT footprint by three quarters and have provided unparalleled assistance through the process. Their consultative approach consistently drives three key elements; continuity of business, best practice methodology and affordability. We consider them an extension of our IT staff and look forward to a long relationship.

Sanapptx Partners – Scott & Associates
Todd Wyatt Scott & Associates

Thank you for your continued service to CEF! Our systems are our life blood with the amount of data we churn, thus we value you and your team greatly!

Construction Education Foundation of North Texas
Jane Hanna Construction Education Foundation of North Texas

Since 2015, Sanapptx has transformed our existing IT infrastructure and assisted in our expansion to new locations. Our business now uses the most efficient and reliable technology solutions that have helped us save money long term.

Sanapptx Partners – GVH Distribution
Corby Bleckert GVH Distribution

Sanapptx has been a great partner by providing the tools and technologies necessary to grow our business. Their engineers always reply promptly and take pro-active measures to make sure everything is addressed.

Sanapptx Partners – Logisticorp Group, LLC
Ed Franco Logisticorp

Sanapptx offers a variety of IT solutions…

catered to each company’s needs and future goals.

Cyber Security Protection

Cyber Security Protection

Businesses are compromised daily. Whether it is from malware, hackers or lack of judgment of internal staff, it is Sanapptx goal to put the right software and procedure in place to protect your company from all threats. There are many cyber security companies but Sanapptx has security at its core and this is prevalent in all recommended solutions from infrastructure to endpoint management. We even offer Security as a Service that offers vulnerability management and ongoing remediation, pen testing and more.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cost-Effective Cloud Server Hosting

Accessing company data from anywhere with a compatible device (regulations on this vary company to company) dictates productivity and ultimately affects a company’s bottom line. Keeping this data secure is top priority because it being compromised has high financial implications, oftentimes leads to loss of clients and even the need to close business. Sanappx’ secure cloud storage and hosting is 50% cost of what you find at Amazon and IBM. This allows your company to invest that money in other areas. Our cloud storage encrypts data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit encryption. Sanapptx cloud backup services use ZFS Cryptographic Framework which gives it highly secure data encryption. Being awarded DELL’s Founder’s 50 Club Award upon inauguration in 2014 sets Sanapptx apart from other cloud service providers. Sanapptx relies heavily on its engineers to provide enterprise level solutions to small and medium size businesses and we were recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Loss of data can take a business months to recover from and that’s if it doesn’t force a company to close its doors. Creating a backup and disaster recovery plan (and also running instances to test) mitigates the risk of this happening to your business. As a Veeam ProPartner, we are very familiar Veeam backup and replication and are proud of the 60 minutes of recovery time and up to 7 years of restore points. Our cloud backup and disaster recovery services can be tailored to the specific needs of your business to meet compliance regulations whether PCI, HIPAA or something in between.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network Vulnerability Assessment

All businesses are susceptible to hacked applications, malware attacks, phishing scams, corrupted files and the list goes on. Sanapptx network penetration testing services give you visibility into how secure your network is internally and externally. Vulnerability reports pinpoint necessary remediation to secure your network. While remediation can be very expensive, Sanapptx Security as a Service offers an economical bundle to clients for ongoing assistance.