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Why a Vulnerability Assessment?


2018 is the year of potential cyber-attacks. According to top cyber security firms, cyber-attacks happen with no warning and the results can be catastrophic to a company including data loss, down time, and privacy breaching.


    • In 2017 the number of daily security attacks on companies increased by 30-45%.


  • In 2018 it is expected to increase to 55%.


These security attacks can come in the form of phishing e-mails, malware injections via unwanted websites and compromising an endpoint on one’s network.

Most professionals have no visibility to their cyber security vulnerabilities. Majority of cyber-attacks are happening without the knowledge of IT professionals.

Our vulnerability assessment will help you identify the risk and give you insight to where you stand when it comes to cyber security.

Don’t wait, every moment is a chance to protect yourself and your company.

Our Network Vulnerability Assessment

Data breaches attack networks daily. Immunity is difficult to come by and a vulnerability assessment identifies risk and allows us to identify the remediation steps necessary to protect your network.

Cyber security is top priority otherwise a disaster interrupts business continuity and reduces operational efficiency and directly impacts profit.  Hackers innovate continuously, so without regular surveillance and remedial action, there’s always the risk that your data will be compromised.

Network Security Services
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What You Get

Once a scan is completed, we provide you with the following:

– Vulnerability Detection (against hackers, Ransomware attacks & penetration points)

– Full Network Scan

– Security Breach Defense & Prevention Tools

– 100% Remediation Analysis Provided

This assessment is complimentary and will give you transparency to the potential threats facing your network. Don’t ignore the the reality of the world around you. Network security needs to be a priority and backup and disaster recovery needs to be in place as a backup.