Vulnerability Assessment

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Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

Every single day cyber-attacks are taking place unbeknownst to the company or personnel being exploited. Hackers are constantly innovating to make their attacks more effective and less visible. Waiting until there is an event to start remediating vulnerabilities will cost time, money and likely compromise company data. Taking advantage of information security vulnerability management allows for proactive monitoring of your internal and external network. Security breach assessments, ongoing remediation and vulnerability scans help identify critical, high, medium and low threats to your company.

Vulnerability Scanning Solutions

Our vulnerability scans provide data to identify, investigate and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your environment. Exposing weaknesses in networks, communication equipment, and individual computers helps address issues before they are exploited and create the need for extensive disaster recovery efforts. As a leader among vulnerability scanning companies, Sanapptx is able to include this service as part of our security as a service initiative which allows both the scans and remediation to be included for a reasonable monthly cost.

Our tools are the best in the business and our internal and external scans provide the path to making sure catastrophic events don’t take place.

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