Consulting – Virtual CIO

For many companies, IT staff on site primarily manages tactical issues and this can leave a gaping hole in the way of ongoing technology strategy. For most small businesses, a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) is an alternative to staffing internally and great way to stay abreast of innovative business technologies that impact operations and underpin an ongoing business growth strategy. This role does not need to be local and is imperative for having a technology strategy that underpins business growth strategy.

A Virtual CIO or ongoing consultancy program is able to handle everything including infrastructure management, firewall and virus protection, WAN/LAN health monitoring, disaster recovery, cybersecurity and much, much more. The end goal is to guide a company’s IT infrastructure, performance and strategy to allow for a strategy of growth, efficient operations and business continuity. Whether local to Dallas or located across the nation, this strategic alliance keeps your business relevant, efficient, profitable and scalable.

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