Cyber-attacks happen without warning and can cause catastrophic loss for a company.

While the Internet can be “land of opportunity,” it also exposes companies to new threats from hackers, ransomware and malware. A security breach not only affects a company operationally but financially as well, so it is important to have best practices in place to avoid being compromised. Experienced network security companies know how to handle these threats effectively and have the personnel to remediate vulnerabilities quickly.

Sanapptx is one of the leading cyber security companies located in Dallas, Texas but servicing companies across the United States. Partner with us to protect every point of vulnerability in your infrastructure with our cyber security services. Sanapptx offers a robust portfolio of security services dedicated to making sure all aspects of your company are protected from the user aspect to confidential data/assets.

Companywide security needs to be ensured from a network level all the way down to endpoint security management. Missing out on securing any part of this creates exposable vulnerabilities that will get exploited if they are not addressed.

Top Notch Network Security

It is easy to lose sight of the importance of defending against cyber security threats when your network is operating efficiently, and you are focused on running your business. However, data breaches infiltrate networks on a daily basis in the form of malware, phishing emails, data encryption and more. Virtually every network is at risk of some type of cyber security breach and, if preventative measures aren’t taken, the exploitation can have major repercussions from a financial perspective.

Without ongoing surveillance and remedial steps to prevent cyber security intrusions, the constant innovation of hackers presents a huge risk of data being compromised.

Everyone has different security needs but that’s why Sanapptx overs a range of services to meet different compliance standards or best practices. From Security as a Service, to network vulnerability assessments, and full network penetration testing services being proactive to protect your company has never been easier.

It is vital to have visibility to where your company security policies a solid and where they are lacking. This includes the viewpoint of the user all the way to network infrastructure. Be sure to protect your business in from the ever-present and growing threat of cyber security attacks.

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