Network Penetration Testing Services

High impact security breaches are occurring rampantly, and the number of victims is increasing exponentially.

Ongoing testing and assessment of security vulnerabilities is important as data breaches become more and more prevalent. Evaluating risks and being prepared to diagnose, prevent, and react to threats as they occur enhances your company’s security position and maintains business efficiency and continuity. Network penetration testing services and vulnerability assessments pinpoint and prioritize security risks so a remediation plan can be put in place right away.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (also referred to as pen-testing) goes beyond exposing security vulnerabilities, it proactively exploits them. Sanapptx offers network penetration testing services in Dallas (also referred to as ethical hacking or an authorized simulated cyber-attack) is intended to test the security of a company’s internal network. Pen-testing is an intrusive scan that identifies any risk that data could be impacted with regard to its availability, confidentiality or integrity.

During a penetration test, one of our security specialists will replicate a real-world intrusion attempt to secure a certain pre-planned object. For example, the goal may be accessing private company information through stolen login or other user credentials. Penetration tests may focus on cybersecurity exclusively, or a more expansive approach including the cloud, network, systems, wireless and more.

Penetration Test Results

The pen test report will include a list of exposures that exist in operating systems, applications, network configurations, end-user management etc. The allows for prioritization of critical and high vulnerabilities as they have the greatest exposure risk.

The frequency of penetration testing may be based on a company’s compliance standards. As a general rule of thumb, a pen test should be completed at least once per calendar year. It takes ongoing vigilance to keep your organization safe as updates, security patches and user behavior can always present more risks.

Sanapptx, headquartered in Dallas, TX, has become a trusted penetration testing service provider for companies across the United States.

What Are the Benefits of Penetration Testing?

Your company’s security is essential, and part of ensuring your security is by testing your security software. Sanapptx’s penetration testing allows your company to see where your security needs to be improved. By finding holes in your security before hackers do, you can better prepare for cyberattacks and protect your information.

Penetration testing services provide:

  • Authorized cyber attack
  • Test of infrastructure defensive strength
  • Test of security patches
  • Test of digital assets like cloud services
  • Test of applications defensive strength
  • Insight into a company’s network defense
  • Overlooked weak development areas
  • Awareness to vulnerabilities
  • Insight from a hacker’s perspective
  • Assessment of potential damage of an attack:
    • Disruption of critical processes
    • Loss of key business data and backups
    • Loss of infrastructure
    • Damage to company reputation
  • Potential to amplify privacy and security

With penetration testing from Sanapptx, you can:

  • Easily identify risks: Network penetration testing allows you to evaluate both your internal and external network security. After an evaluation, you can determine which parts of your network ought to be prioritized to strengthen their security against potential threats. With network penetration testing services, you can be proactive and fend off potential hackers.
  • Stay competitive: Cyber attacks are not only a potential threat to your company’s information and data security but they’re also a threat to your business’s success. Cybercrime costs businesses $2.9 million every minute. Customers are less likely to work with a company that has had a significant cyberattack in the past because they don’t feel that their information is safe. With network penetration testing services, you can feel confident knowing that your business is staying competitive because your security measures are strong and well-adapted.
  • Stay up to date with industry regulations: Network security isn’t just for your peace of mind. It’s also necessary to stay up to date with industry regulations such as HIPAA and FISMA. Network penetration testing services help to ensure your business is secure and up to code.

Why Choose Sanapptx for Penetration Testing?

Through penetration testing services, Dallas business owners can rely on Sanapptx to reduce network risks. When you choose to work with us, you can feel confident knowing that your network is secure and your information is safe. For more information about our network penetration testing services, contact Sanapptx today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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