Cloud Services

Data, applications and other business components

can be efficiently moved to the cloud and thus streamline existing operations with increased security, location mobility and backup recovery.

As a leader among cloud service providers, we are your premier source for cloud consulting, managed IT services, cybersecurity, and more in Dallas and nationwide.

Not only does cloud offer a much faster way to access information, but it also provides full access of all data and software programs from any connected device.

Cloud business solutions give access to enterprise-level technology and gives businesses the flexibility to scale services with minimal management needed. Better yet it provides a company confidence that data is remotely maintained, secure, managed, and backed up so users can access via any location via the internet.

Benefits of Cloud Business Solutions

The cloud provides the most effective and efficient option for data storage, retrieval, and applications. It eliminates the need to maintain costly servers in-house, which also helps to reduce the cost of IT services for your business.

A company’s data is critical to business and therefore user accessibility, bandwidth and disaster recovery plays a monumental role in moving to the cloud. When hosted on the cloud, any authorized user on an approved device can access the software and tap into the databases in the cloud.

Hosting on the cloud offers versatile backup options available to be used in the case of a triggering event that can potentially be catastrophic for a business.


Open Compute Project (OCP)

Sanapptx’ participation in the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) combines both open source and open collaboration to hardware to increase efficiency in the cloud world. It combined network equipment and general purpose GPU servers, storage devices and appliances, and scalable rack designs. OCP’s collaboration model is being applied beyond the legacy data center helping to advance and scale cloud industry and infrastructure.

Security Features

Sanapptx’ cloud solutions put an emphasis on the security of your system and network. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the Sanapptx cloud provide full 256-bit encryption of all data stored through our services, which meets industry and specified compliance standards.

We can verify all of the devices connecting to the cloud are up to date with security features and create customized authentication to further enhance security for the network. With full backup and disaster recovery services, our cloud-based solutions are secure, effective, and priced to meet your budget.

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