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Everyone is talking about the cloud, but are you confident your company is really making the most of this powerful tool?

If not, it’s time to let Sanapptx show you how to fully leverage the cloud for growing your business.

Let’s look at two very important ways our cloud virtualization services in Dallas can benefit your company.

Flexible Capacity

Secure cloud storage in Dallas maximizes efficiency while reducing wasteful spending. This is why this solution so often leads to scalable resources for storage.

With our distributed file system, each host’s direct-attached disk can be pooled and provided as shared storage.

This is just one example of how our virtualization consulting in Dallas can help your company.


Without properly investing in redundancy, no cloud solution is complete. After all, all of your data could be erased after just one crisis situation.

That’s why Veeam backup and replication in Dallas has become such a popular solution. It’s also why we use it with our clients.

We also build our distributed network on affordable commodity hardware. This choice allows our clients to configure redundant systems without a lot of overhead, whether its done in the datacentre anywhere else on the planet.

Although there are other cloud consulting companies in Dallas, we’ve worked hard at creating a track record of success and reputation that has made Sanapptx stand out from the rest.

If you’d like to see first-hand how we’ve been able to do this, contact us today and let’s talk about how the cloud could help your business.