SanAppTx Cloud

Flexible Capacity

SanApptX offers data storage solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize the costs that are traditionally linked to achieving scalable storage resources. SanApptX pools available storage capacity and intelligently balances available resources to meet demand. If storage resources are added or removed, SanApptX automatically re-balances the load to ensure the most effective use of the new or remaining capacity. With SanApptX distributed file system, the direct-attached disk on each host can be pooled and presented as shared storage. As new hosts are introduced, their disks can easily be added to the storage pool.


SanApptX is built on a distributed network of low-cost commodity hardware that when coupled with SanApptX software, transforms into powerful scale-out building block appliances. This allows you to easily and inexpensively configure redundant systems, either within the datacenter or around the world. SanApptX includes built-in data synchronization that simultaneously writes data to multiple sites, eliminating single points of failure.