Security as a Service

Sanapptx offers Full Cyber Security as a Service which allows companies to do several items:

  • Reduce expenses by minimizing the purchase of new hardware and removing the need to add operational overhead such as personnel
  • Increase coverage by receiving coverage 24/7/365
  • Be an security expert by relying on a security consulting partner that stays of industry trends and adapts to the constantly changing cybersecurity environment.

This Cyber Security as a Service is a compilation of many services into a monthly cost and not only monitors your environment but sends us alerts of any suspicious activity. It includes: Risk Assessments, Incident Response, Awareness, IPS/IDS, Penetration (Pen) Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Higher Ed Solutions and Consulting.

We offer security awareness interactive training for end users in order to create an educated and secure workforce for your organization.

This interactive training includes audio/visual content, as well as detailed testing. Training progress metrics are fully reportable, allowing us to create focus groups where your employees may need more training. This method helps solidify best practices within your organization and gives you the peace of mind that user awareness is increased.

Free Vulnerability Assessment