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Cyber Security Dallas Texas

At Sanapptx, we offer Cyber Security as a Service, designed to defend against the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks against businesses and other organizations. This threat has become even more heightened with COVID and the need to secure data while many employees work remote. The primary goal is to protect companies and end users from data breaches, cyber-attacks and data loss.

Stats show that smaller companies are generally at higher risk than large ones because smaller companies don’t generally allocate a budget towards security implementation and awareness training for users. This makes them more susceptible to an attack.

The Security as a Service Solution

Our Next-Generation IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention and Detection) software provides multi-layered security protection. The software delivers 24/7 monitoring to prevent all types of known attacks before infiltrating your network. This includes the ability to block specific IP addresses, and even entire nations or regions of the world, deflecting and deterring both individual attackers and automated attacks.

Our IPS/IDS software goes beyond firewall protection to provide a powerful defense against cyber threats. It can be run in a private cloud, virtual environment, physical server, or on a device at your location. The combination of our IPS/IDS software and firewall protection deters hackers from infiltrating confidential company data, including financial data, client data, and employee information.

We also offer vulnerability scanning and management as part of our IT Security as a Service. This provides data to identify, investigate and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your environment.

Penetration testing services are also available via Sanapptx. Our security team tests for vulnerabilities via a number of formats and methodologies that cover a very broad scope that would be used by malicious actors in a real-world environment. Full remediation services are available to compliment the penetration testing results.

Security awareness training is another offering Sanapptx deploys to make sure end users are educated in what to look for in malicious emails. Since end users are one of the weakest links in a company, this is an inexpensive way to avoid a potentially catastrophic event through education and simulations.

Why Cyber Security as a Service?

  • Remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited
  • Reduce operational overhead such as personnel
  • Proactively monitor all internal and external traffic
  • Monitor industry trends and new vulnerabilities

This Cyber Security as a Service is a compilation of many services into a monthly cost and not only monitors your environment but sends us alerts of any suspicious activity. It includes: Risk Assessments, Incident Response, Awareness, IPS/IDS, Penetration (Pen) Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Higher Ed Solutions and Consulting.

Learn more about Sanapptx cyber security services in Dallas and across the US and world by calling us today at 214.447.0244 or filling our contact form.

We offer security awareness interactive training for end users in order to create an educated and secure workforce for your organization.

This interactive training includes audio/visual content, as well as detailed testing. Training progress metrics are fully reportable, allowing us to create focus groups where your employees may need more training. This method helps solidify best practices within your organization and gives you the peace of mind that user awareness is increased.

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