Endpoint Management

Endpoint Security Management Services Dallas TX

Endpoint security management provides visibility and secure management across all devices. Our software tools allow us to have a single management tool for PC, mobile, tablets, thin clients, printers and other devices. Visibility to the various endpoints allow us to provision such devices, push updates, patch, troubleshoot and discover various endpoints within an organization’s network. Endpoint management allows company’s to control such devices on their networks to keep out malware and intruders.

Whether you are local to our Dallas headquarters or across the U.S. we are able to monitor, troubleshoot and protect your company assets and data.

Why use endpoint management?

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

  • threats are too progressive for humans to monitor
  • traffic needs to be examined for potential threats
  • highest priority will get escalated for human attention

Saas-based endpoint security

  • companies pushing responsibility of endpoint management away from internal staff
  • vendors offering as a monthly service by partnering with a vendor and remediating alerts

Layered protection against fileless attacks

  • minimize IT resource time
  • fileless malware bypassing traditional endpoint management
  • combine with machine learning to sandbox threat detection

IoT device protection

  • alarming amounts of vulnerabilities are being found in devices simply connected to internet (cameras, sensors, routers etc)
  • such devices need to be protected

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