Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Solutions provide affordable, proactive IT management to support growing businesses.

Sanapptx offers a range of budget-friendly IT services to keep your computer systems, servers, and ­networks up and running. Our managed IT services keeps your users and your business productive.

User satisfaction is important to us and our team is prepared to assist in any way necessary, both remotely and onsite. With a local client portfolio in Dallas and customers across the nation, we know Managed IT Services are so much more than just desktop support and help desk. We offer productive and proactive IT efficiency which helps you reduce spend on managed services so your budget can be re-allocated to high priority technology items.

Free Vulnerability Assessment

Sanapptx conducts critical tasks to keep your business systems up and running.

How we make sure your infrastructure is running smoothly

Site Assesment Dallas TX

Site Assessment

Review system infrastructure and network security policies
Network Consistency Dallas TX

Network Consistency

Bring infrastructure and systems to a known state; install applications, patches, or updates required
Site Database Dalls TX

Site Database

Inventory database containing your system hardware and software
Review Managed Service Activities

Review Managed Service Activities

Service and support procedures, discretionary on-site time, and the parameters of the service

Managed IT Services You Can Rely On

One of the biggest challenges companies face is bridging the talent gap in IT. As technology becomes more complex, it gets harder to keep up with the latest tech developments. That’s where Sanapptx’s managed IT services come in.

When you’re looking for managed IT services in Dallas or nationwide, you can count on Sanapptx to deliver the quality services you need. Our team has years of experience keeping servers, networks, and IT equipment up and running efficiently. With Sanapptx, you can feel confident knowing your IT systems are in the right hands.

Protect Your Network

While it may be challenging to stay compliant with customer data protection requirements in-house, outsourcing your managed IT services with Sanapptx makes compliance easy. With Sanapptx, you don’t have to worry about changes in data protection policy or keeping up with software updates. Our team has your data protection under control, which is more important than ever.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattacks have seen an 800% surge. Disasters happen, and cyberattacks can harm the credibility of any company. Our managed IT services at Sanapptx can help to protect your business from cyberattacks, disasters, and worst-case scenarios that could impact your company’s ability to operate.

When you choose to work with us, you can trust your customers’ data, your company’s information, and your IT systems are safe and secure. Our team at Sanapptx has the knowledge and experience to protect your data and keep cybercriminals out. We’ll stay on top of any glitches, bugs, and other issues that may pop up and quickly remedy the problem before your customers even notice.

When you need professional managed IT services in Dallas, TX or across the country, your business can rely on our quality customer service and IT solutions. We’ve got you covered! Contact Sanapptx today to learn more about our services including cybersecurity, cloud services, project management, IT services, help desk services, and more.



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broad range of IT services provided


Over 3K serviced devices nationwide


Over 22.9 K Tickets closed in 2022

What are Managed IT Service Providers?

Managed IT Service Providers are contracted outsourced teams that deliver specific IT services for your business. Some IT service providers are generalized and some are specialized. At Sanapptx we customize your IT services to fit your budget and get you exactly what you need.

Managed IT Support and Consulting Services

With our remote and on-site support services, our professional network and IT agents work on all of your devices and systems to ensure continuous service. We also utilize assessments tools in order to highlight areas that need more attention within your systems.

Should a technical issue occur that effects day-to-day operations, we typically fix the issue remotely saving you billable time as we can access your endpoints from anywhere. There are times, however, when being onsite to assess your problem is the most efficient solution. The wonderful thing about our team is the world class security services we offer and manage that you should expect from expert IT consultants.

Why use the Sanapptx Managed IT Services team?

There are advantages to working with an expert team with a passion for IT support and consulting services like Sanapptx:

Save Time and Money

The number one reason Dallas and US businesses partner with Sanapptx and contract our managed IT services is to save time and money. No longer needing to pay a full staff of in-house IT workers with full-time salaries and health benefits is a tremendous cost savings. For some companies, there are reasons to have full-time staff. However, for most small to medium business, to get a high level of service, care, and attention at a much lower cost with ongoing experience and education, simply makes sense. Because our managed IT services company works with multiple businesses at a time, we can keep our costs lower while providing exceptional value for our services. It may be interesting for you to know, most of the businesses we work with do employ some IT support staff and we work in concert with these employees to assist in any IT solutions required. We save them time by focusing on our contracted work while they work on specific business projects.

Preventative Support

What is a good problem to have? No problem at all. Our preventative support services help you avoid major issues that would cost your business time and money should one of your services or systems fail. With our preventative solutions the risk of a data breach or other cyberattack is avoided. So while our managed IT services do include helping your business when there is a problem, our approach of a preventative and proactive stance gives you the best support overall to ensure your business operations run successfully.

Access to IT Industry Expertise

Technology does not stay stagnant which is why our dedicated IT support and consulting team based in Dallas first enters their roles with extensive hands on education and experience and then goes through ongoing education. Additionally, our team undergoes rigorous training in the latest cybersecurity processes and solutions. This allows us to give the organizations we work with the best support possible and allows you to access our exceptional industry experience and knowledge.

Latest Tried and True Technology Benefits

At Sanapptx, we view efficient support from our team as an essential skill and top priority within our managed IT services. Because of this, we stay up-to-date with the latest technology within the IT industry and when right add that technology to our solutions. This continuous updating of knowledge allows us to correctly vet, employ, or retire technologies. This maintains proactive IT services that run on optimal levels, faster and more efficiently, saving the companies we work with time.

IT Infrastructure Managed Components

All business infrastructures require a range of different hardware and software components that employees and systems use every day. When utilizing our managed IT services, Sanapptx generally assumes responsibility for the following IT components and more:

  • Applications
  • Networks
  • Database
  • Hardware
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions

Sanapptx Managed IT Services

In addition to working on or assisting with hardware, software, or virtual infrastructure components and systems, we also provide specialized IT support within our managed services that your business may not have considered for information technology but should. Some services we provide Dallas and national businesses like yours include:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is an area where Sanapptx leads the IT outsourced service provider marketplace. Under the umbrella of managed IT services, many IT support companies who outsource their services know IT but do not properly know security. Sanapptx does.

Sanapptx stays on the advanced edge of cybersecurity solutions so you know that when you hire our team for managed IT services, we will protect you to our best ability from hackers and other digital threats using the latest and best digital security solutions.

Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Network assessments
  • Dark web research
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Encryption solutions
  • Computer updates
  • Penetration testing
  • Security training
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile device security
  • Advanced endpoint protection

It is wrong to think only large companies get hacked. Small and medium-sized businesses have been the biggest target of cybersecurity threats and attempted theft in the last four years, especially those with multiple branches. This is why to keep your intellectual property and company data safe we provide distributed, integrated, and edge security services through various antivirus programs, firewall protection solutions, DDoS management tools, and other tried-and-true solutions. Once we begin working with your business, you can feel confident that our effective cybersecurity solutions work for you and keep you protected.

Endpoint Maintenance

Remote devices that connect back to your business’s network are defined as endpoints. Since these endpoint devices connect to the infrastructure, they will require endpoint maintenance. Such endpoints may include:

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • POS systems
  • Smartphones
  • Servers

Almost all businesses have at least some endpoints if not many, especially with remote work at its peak for productivity. At Sanapptx, our endpoint maintenance services and solutions keep devices fully connected and operable within your network. We are able to monitor endpoints remotely by installing agents on devices that give us a direct link to your company’s connected technology.

What is critical to endpoint maintenance is company safety. While convenient and necessary, endpoints are vulnerable gateways to access data for hackers. As your managed IT services provider, we will dedicate the necessary time and world class resources to securing your endpoints against potential cyber threats. We can also provide and recommend our Rights Management Solutions with our endpoint maintenance services. To better secure your business, employees should only have access to the information and data they need to perform their jobs.

Automated Patching and Patch Management

All software requires patching or updates that optimize how the software operates and keeps the software secure. This is why software companies regularly work to improve their software and release patches or software program updates. They do their part and if you own the software, you should do your part and update the software, too. Better yet, you should have Sanapptx do it.

Why should we handle patch management for you? Installing a simple patch or software update is not always simple. Updating one piece of software could affect other component operations. We understand the connection points the software has to your users and infrastructure and can make sure nothing breaks when patches are implemented. Or, if they do, we can back out the patch release and devise a multi-component plan. We can provide automated patch management services were needed as soon as companies release them but also assess when and how a patch should be done through proper patch management on specific software platforms. Automatic antivirus updates can also be done.

Network Operations Center (NOC) & Network Management Support

Sanapptx network management solutions through our Network Operations Center controls, coordinates, and monitors your network and network resources to ensure optimal performance. Our standard is for your business to experience minimal disruption and downtime in a controlled manner when maintenance is required for efficient IT productivity. If a technical issue arises, we will work quickly to restore regular business operations and resolve the problem. Our support services do include preventive resources to help companies avoid common network issues.

Cloud Business Solutions

Sanapptx provides cloud hosting services because a company’s data is critical and versatile backup options should be available to be used in the case of a triggering event that can potentially be catastrophic for a business. Our cloud business solutions provide the most effective and efficient option for data storage, retrieval, and applications without harming user accessibility. When hosted on the cloud, any authorized user on an approved device can access company software and tap into the databases needed to perform their work. With cloud, your company information available to the right people and secure from the wrong people.

Help Desk Services

Where technology is involved, people typically need help. Even if it is only from time to time, when your company team members need technical support or assistance, Sanapptx will provide top-level help desk support to resolve any issues and maintain smooth operations for worker efficiency.

Sanapptx help desk support services include:

  • Troubleshooting device and application problems
  • Resetting passwords
  • Installing printers, scanners, and other devices
  • Providing VoIP phone support
  • Tracking, prioritizing, and resolving help tickets

We have levels of support 24/7 with help engineers ready to answer calls or emails. Our team inspires confidence that you or a staff member can get back to work as quickly as possible following a technical issue.

If your company is seeking comprehensive IT solutions from a knowledgeable, cost-effective support provider, call Sanapptx.