Managed IT Services

This program provides the critical tasks to keep your system up and running.

Tasks conducted by our Managed Services engineers to enable workstation/server managed IT services include:

How we make sure your infrastructure is running smoothly

Site Assessment

Review system infrastructure and network security policies

Network Consistency

Bring infrastructure and systems to a known state; install applications, patches, or updates required

Site Database

Inventory database containing your system hardware and software

Review Managed Service Activities

Service and support procedures, discretionary on-site time, and the parameters of the service

Our Managed IT Solutions provide affordable, proactive IT management to support growing businesses.

Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Sanapptx provides a range of proactive services to keep your computer systems/servers/­networks up and running and users and business productive.

User satisfaction is important to us and our team is prepared to assist in any way necessary both remotely and onsite. With a client portfolio local in Dallas and across the nation, we know Managed Services are so much more than just desktop support and help desk. Our goal is to be more efficient and therefore reduce spend on managed services so budget can be re-allocated to higher priority technology items.

Free Vulnerability Assessment

Managed IT Services You Can Rely On

One of the biggest challenges companies face is bridging the talent gap in IT. As technology becomes more complex, it gets harder to keep up with the latest tech developments. That’s where Sanapptx’s managed IT services come in.

When you’re looking for managed IT services in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, you can count on Sanapptx to deliver the quality services you need. Our team has years of experience keeping servers, networks, and IT equipment up and running efficiently. With Sanapptx, you can feel confident knowing your IT systems are in the right hands.

Protect Your Network

While it may be challenging to stay compliant with customer data protection requirements in-house, outsourcing your managed IT services with Sanapptx makes compliance easy. With Sanapptx, you don’t have to worry about changes in data protection policy or keeping up with software updates. Our team has your data protection under control, which is more important than ever.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattacks have seen an 800% surge. Disasters happen, and cyberattacks can harm the credibility of any company. Our managed IT services at Sanapptx can help to protect your business from cyberattacks, disasters, and worst-case scenarios that could impact your company’s ability to operate.

When you choose to work with us, you can trust your customers’ data, your company’s information, and your IT systems are safe and secure. Our team at Sanapptx has the knowledge and experience to protect your data and keep cybercriminals out. We’ll stay on top of any glitches, bugs, and other issues that may pop up and quickly remedy the problem before your customers even notice.

When you need professional managed IT services in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas that businesses can rely on for quality customer service and IT solutions, we’ve got you covered. Contact Sanapptx today to learn more about our services including project management, IT services, help desk services, and more.



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