Backup and Disaster Recovery

A catastrophic event equates to the loss of data (sometimes permanently) and downtime.

Whether it is a hardware or system malfunction, natural disaster or cyber-security breach, these events come at a huge cost financially. Backup and disaster recovery planning is imperative for the protection of your company’s assets.

Sanapptx will first assist in identifying critical data and assets. Then the best backup location / solution will be determined and thoroughly tested.

As a Veeam ProPartner, Sanapptx uses Veeam backup and disaster recovery to create business continuity with immediate recovery in the case of a triggering event.

Why is this so powerful?

  • 60 minute recovery time
  • Up to 7 years of restore points
  • 3 backup sites and recovery
  • 24 restore points per day
  • 99.99% uptime

Business continuity is imperative for company success.

Having the systems in place are mandatory to make sure business continues to operate as normal regardless of the circumstances.

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