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Cloud Enablement & NAS Optimization

With the volume, velocity and value of data accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, making a departure from the costly and complex approach to storage of the past is critical. SanApptX is redefining the economics of enterprise storage through modern storage architectures, a focus on customer workloads, and an to-end integrated portfolio of server, storage, networking, software and services offerings.
SanApptX Storage leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help you maximize efficiency while slashing storage costs by:
  • Converging server, storage, and networking
  • Providing performance-optimized workload solutions for your mission critical applications like big data analysis
  • Offering price and performance-optimized solutions for server and desktop virtualized environments and traditional IT workloads where price matches performance.
  • Delivering cost optimized solutions for cold data and image archiving with a cost-efficient price/TB and dense enclosure options
With a broad product and services portfolio, SanApptX offers unparalleled strengths as an IT solution partner. Let SanApptX collaborate with you to architect a storage solution that can scale seamlessly, adapt gracefully to new — even over-the-horizon – hardware and software capabilities , all while helping to reduce capital and operating costs.