Consolidation and Virtualization Benefits for Businesses

Posted - September 22, 2020
Consolidation and Virtualization Benefits for Businesses

The importance of virtualizing data has been trending up for the last several years. The current pandemic has increased the urgency behind getting data in the cloud as people need access to it everywhere and companies don’t want to risk hardware failure or needing to have someone on premise to reboot a machine. At Sanapptx, we have an experienced staff who handles our consolidation and server virtualization services. This is the process of relocating of a large pool of data from a centralized corporate location to the cloud. Here, the number of servers storing this data may be reduced as the move is made (consolidation) and this further reduces cost.

Many businesses are strategizing to reduce the amount of on-site hardware and the following outlines why.

Server Consolidation

The number of servers a business uses depends on many factors from applications to performance requirements, number of users, load-balancing, failover and redundancy etc. It all comes down to capacity planning and how you want to scale.

After a period of discovery, our engineers are able to put a plan in place to migrate the machines to the cloud. Oftentimes, they consolidate the number of servers that have been added over time based on what applications running and what is needed moving forward. This move reduces on prem power and cooling costs, mitigates the risk of hardware failure and greatly reduces hardware costs.

Greater Flexibility Transitioning to the Cloud

Virtualizing your servers makes them accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The transition is seamless as long as there is a solid plan in place.

More Efficient Maintenance

Server virtualization increases the efficiency and agility of administrators, enabling them to accomplish more and reduce the time needed to perform infrastructure maintenance.

Increased Server Uptime

Physical hardware can be temperamental, and reboots have the potential to cause issues that require someone on site. Users experience much better uptime and efficiency when running from the cloud.

Virtualized servers have the ability to reduce downtime by relocating virtual machines from one host to another without service interruption.

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