We all know the Internet

We all use the Internet; however, it’s not easy to describe. The definition is it’s a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol TCP / IP to link our business devices and applications utilized in business today.

The Internet in today’s business environment is used to connect your business computers/ devices and networks to customers and business partners through critical business applications that are using both legacy IT and current cloud and security platforms.

Internet Service Providers
Enterprise Cloud Storage

Internet Access

Nothing happens until the Internet connection is available and Sanapptx provides all available Internet options over the air and tethered through premise devices.

We provide all Internet options through – Wi-Fi, wireless, and satellite technology and tethered Internet access through copper, coaxial and fiber technology. Multiple networking technologies are engineered through Internet providers to customize connectivity, availability, performance and pricing requirements.


Sanapptx Internet starts at $ 50.00 a month so we can meet all Internet business requirements.


Since the cost of Internet connectivity continues to drop –consulting is affordable and recommended to proactively plan for your next bandwidth upgrade while integrating your IT services requirements into a single managed solution. Our consulting expertise is designed around your specific business outcome goals and is validated on a quarterly basis to both add value and pay for itself.

Since every Business has all kinds of IT options and different Internet availability options – that will work- we do the homework for you documenting, installing and managing the best available options for your company.

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