The Value Of A Network Vulnerability Assessment

Posted - May 8, 2019

In the past, company-wide network security had the potential to be overlooked as the terms “malware,” “ransomware” and “hackers” were more hypothetical than not. Hearing about security and data breaches is more the norm now and awareness has been heightened across all industry verticals. It is viable that any business could be under attack and the outcome of such a breach can be devastating.

Some security breaches may be mild and relatively easy to contain, or it can be catastrophic with hackers gaining access to customer information, credit cards, and other proprietary company information.

At Sanapptx, we know keeping up with the latest in security precautions is increasingly difficult. After all, protecting your environment looked completely different 6 months ago. Much less your network is accessed by customers, clients, and employees on various devices, which also poses additional security risks.

Have an Assessment Completed

We have developed a comprehensive network vulnerability assessment we will run on your systems. This scan will report on critical, moderate and informative vulnerabilities, provide high level recommendations and provide a detailed report as a takeaway. This will assist your company in determining the risk of your current environment.

Breach prevention is the end goal of providing this network vulnerability assessment and making sure you have protected yourself is vital to minimizing business risk.

Remediation from this assessment may be handled internally by your team or we also offer security as a service for a monthly fee. Give us a call today at 214-431-4137.