Posted - November 18, 2022
Benefits of Outsourcing Cybersecurity

When running a business, having your servers and networks protected and monitored by a cybersecurity services company is critical. Capitalizing on outsourced Managed IT Services can ensure the best quality of work from industry experts where security is top of the list. Hesitating to outsource cybersecurity wastes time and money. Below are the top five benefits that explain why.

1. Cost Efficiency
Companies that consider building their own SOC (Security Operations Center) in-house have learned that the cost can reach as high as three million a year. While the size of your business may not necessitate that kind of budget, quick research will still have you seeing that outsourcing IT work like cybersecurity costs less than ramping up and continually educating an in-house team. Instead of having to hire a team of security analysts, implement ongoing training, go through turnover, and install a variety of security solutions, you can turn to a reliable cybersecurity company for much less.
2. The Work of Experts
Relying on software alone to protect information does not suffice in a day and age of evolving threats. In depth knowledge is required to read, interpret, and create security solutions. Having an expert cybersecurity company as a partner is not only cost efficient but practical. Their human analysts working alongside the software are educated, experienced, and are the best people to battle an attack. Their applied knowledge has evolved and deepened by reading complicated reports, searching for problems, and finding solutions. If that doesn’t sound like a challenge, think again. In fact, individuals can now earn college degrees in cybersecurity.
3. Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Analysis
Don’t wait days, weeks, or months to detect and react to a potential or real breach in your network. A cybersecurity company has quality software, tools, and the work of real security analysts to detect and stop breaches as soon as they happen.

4. Advanced Monitoring

Most people only utilize 10% of their software’s capabilities and unless they become experts of the software, that number does not grow. This makes the return on investment of certain software dubious. Why is this the case? Time, education, application, and proper management. With SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, a cybersecurity team knows how to fully utilize the software’s capabilities and will watch for threats that are both specific and common to the type of business you have. They customize your security defense appropriately initially and ongoing. Your servers, computers, and any other electronics that may enter your infrastructure require constant updates. While this is necessary, it exposes a business, making it a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Unless a team of experts managing your SOC prepares your network for new threats, you many not be able to identify potential threats until they become dangerous. Oftentimes, that is too late.

5. Time Efficiency

If you are not a cybersecurity business yourself than your IT staff has other things to worry about. When outsourcing any service, you eliminate a line of work or task and that frees up staff time to focus on more important matters. Need one less thing for your company to worry about? Outsource your cybersecurity needs.

Not listed above but equally important, if you want to ensure proper compliance guidelines are followed and that you have the protection you need, outsource your cybersecurity. These top five (six) benefits alone will make a positive and significant difference for your company and the bottom line for your business profit. Sanapptx is an expert and reliable cybersecurity company that can provide you with immeasurable benefits. To learn more about our custom cybersecurity plans that fit your budget and company needs, contact us today.