Why Every Business Needs To Use A Vulnerability Scanning Service

Posted - December 3, 2018

Network security is of utmost importance as risks are becoming more and more prevalent. Breaches of security affect individuals and companies alike; it is imperative the threats are taken seriously as the consequences can be monumental. Vulnerability assessments are able to test, analyze, identify and report on potential risks within one’s network to alleviate the potential for intrusion.

Small businesses are at increased risk for security breaches as their lack of network security makes it much easier to break into the system and get access to the information they want. Hackers may not get as many credit card numbers or as much personal information but the effort for payout is much less.

The issue that needs to be addressed by companies is the lack of knowledge / user training to reduce susceptibility to breach. By Sanapptx performing their vulnerability scanning service, we can identify security holes and system weaknesses with everything from computers to network and everything in between. This vulnerability assessment provides a list of remediation items that can be addressed to create a secure network that minimizes risk and provides peace of mind.

When To Scan

There is no hard and fast rule as to when to use our vulnerability scanning service. The initial assessment should be completed as soon as possible to mitigate current exposure to risk. Developing a plan is the second step and this can be prioritized based on urgency of risk.

Vulnerability assessments are not something you do one time and check it off your list. There needs to be a regular scan to cross-check security as well as address new threats that have developed. Technology is rapidly evolving, and hackers may compromise a network via a completely new avenue.

Some companies are required to get security scans in order to meet compliance standards. Our vulnerability scanning service is oftentimes used for this but also to provide a company assurance their data won’t be compromised and cause a large company-wide disaster.

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