Understanding Managed IT Solutions

15 Jul, 2019
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Many businesses rely heavily on technology to operate their day to day business and any lapse in service, hardware issue, malware threat or security breach directly impacts revenue. Servers, databases, cloud-based apps and software solutions all need to be operating soundly 24/7. Managing all of these systems and IT infrastructure is critical to any business, …

Cloud Security Solutions For Business

1 Jul, 2019
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Data, applications and other business components can be efficiently moved to the cloud and thus streamline existing operations with increased security, location mobility and backup recovery. Not only does this offer a much faster way to access information, but it also provides full access of all data and software programs from any connected device. Cloud …

The Risks of Not Using Vulnerability Management Services

14 Jun, 2019
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Business owners generally take business decisions very seriously and do not make rash decisions. Due diligence on financial options, vendors, potential customers and market trends is the norm. However, there is always the risk of becoming too comfortable with past “good” decisions that were made because technology changes so quickly. Therefore, a sound decision in …

The Value Of A Network Vulnerability Assessment

8 May, 2019
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In the past, company-wide network security had the potential to be overlooked as the terms “malware,” “ransomware” and “hackers” were more hypothetical than not. Hearing about security and data breaches is more the norm now and awareness has been heightened across all industry verticals. It is viable that any business could be under attack and …

Sanapptx Introduces Cyber Security Service

22 Apr, 2019
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Plano, Texas, April 17, 2019: Sanapptx is pleased to announce its ongoing cybersecurity as a service option for clients. This service is available for a monthly charge and Sanapptx’ manages clients’ network security, remediates issues, monitors threats, provides network enhancements and protects from dangers associated with network security that leave a network vulnerable to security …

Cyber Security as a Service

22 Mar, 2019
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Cyber-attacks can occur with no warning and result have catastrophic consequences for a business’ operation. This doesn’t even take into account the financial and data loss that will potentially occur. Although the Internet has opened up a whole new world of business possibilities and profitability, it can also expose companies to serious threats from hackers, …

The Importance of a Veeam Backup Disaster Recovery Solution

18 Feb, 2019
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Losing company data is a catastrophic experience that has large financial implications that impact business operations for an unspecified amount of time. The cost when it comes to manpower, recovery of data and hardware replacement can potentially bring a company down. Then there is also the business’ reputation to take into account. This is why …

Managed IT Services: One-Stop Solution to Your Company’s IT Related Problems

30 Jan, 2019
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Our team at Sanapptx offers state-of-the-art and cost-effective managed IT services to help your company function optimally and have scalability for growth. We know there is way more to managed services than simply managing desktops, servers and other devices. We take our partnerships seriously and want to make sure your company infrastructure/network is stable and …

Why Every Business Needs To Use A Vulnerability Scanning Service

3 Dec, 2018
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Network security is of utmost importance as risks are becoming more and more prevalent. Breaches of security affect individuals and companies alike; it is imperative the threats are taken seriously as the consequences can be monumental. Vulnerability assessments are able to test, analyze, identify and report on potential risks within one’s network to alleviate the …

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